Junior Boarding Schools

Junior boarding schools are schools with 5-day and/or 7-day boarding options for their students in the middle, and sometimes elementary grades. All these schools offer enrollment to 7th graders or younger and none enroll new students beyond the 9th grade. Offering enrollment only to elementary and middle grade students allows the school to focus on the unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of these children.

If you apply or enroll your child at a school found on our site, please let them know that you found them at juniorboardingschools.org.

For easier reference to the various types of junior boarding school options available, we have grouped them into categories.

Some schools may fit under multiple categories. However, we have tried to place the schools where they most appropriately match based on publicly available information, school visits, and interviews with students and staff of the schools.

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School descriptions found on this site are largely taken directly from the individual school’s website.