Small Schools

Small Junior Boarding Schools

While larger schools can offer greater amenities, more athletic options, and larger campuses with beautiful and modern buildings, they might not be the best choice for your child. Focusing on what is best for your child, such as the quality of the education program, the ability of the teachers and staff to personally connect with your individual child, and the nurture and care your child receives in the entire program, both academic and boarding, may lead you to consider a smaller school option. Small boarding schools are generally more casual and family-oriented than their traditional school counterparts. They can often accommodate a wide range of children, including traditional students and those with mild academic and emotional needs. Whether your child prefers a small community in which everyone participates equally, eschews competition, is a bit quirky, has a particular talent in which the school focuses, or just needs something different, a small school might be the perfect place for your child.
Arthur Morgan School
Arthur Morgan School provides a safe and loving environment where students in grades 7, 8, and 9 learn to question and evaluate, think creatively and work independently and cooperatively, while sharing in a community that honors simplicity, respect, responsibility and thoughtful consideration. Montessori methods are applied to learning and several off-campus trips and campouts are planned throughout the year to enhance the education for all students.
Hampshire Country School
Hampshire Country School is a small school dedicated to helping its students grow and learn through close interaction between students and faculty living together in a well-preserved rural environment. The school is particularly interested in working with students of high scholastic potential who have had difficulty thriving in larger, less personal schools.
Saint Thomas Choir School
The Choir School was founded in 1919 to house, nurture, and educate the boys who sing in the choir of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City. Our students are engaging, bright, energetic boys who embrace life with a sense of hope, skill, and confidence.
Steward Outdoor School
Steward offers a unique opportunity for high achieving middle school students to learn and live away from their regular school for a semester or a year. Similar to existing high school semester schools, Steward fulfills and enhances required academic courses, allowing students to remain on-track academically. Steward’s rigorous curriculum aligns with traditional academic courses while particularly focusing on hands-on environmental science and ethics