Ojai Valley School – Lower Campus

Ojai Valley School, located in resort town Ojai, CA is without a doubt the most “California” junior boarding school. The school has a strong focus on the outdoors, having two camping trips a year, one base camp, and one in the surrounding mountains or beyond. Surfing is a popular extra-curricular, and the beaches of Santa Barbara are a popular destination for weekend outings.

Ojai Valley School boards students through grade 12, at two distinct campuses, lower campus and upper campus. The lower campus serves students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight, with boarding generally beginning at grade three. The school has a large multi-purpose room, a full size swimming pool, a large athletic field, lighted basketball and tennis courts, art room, wood shop, and horse stables, at which students may board their own horse.

The upper campus, serving grades 9 through 12, is located approximately 15 minutes away in the foothills of Ojai. Outside of sharing a business office and health services with the lower campus, and basic mission, the schools themselves do not interact with each other to a great degree. Due to the separation of campuses we consider the lower campus of Ojai Valley School to be a junior boarding school.

This school is best for students who love the outdoors and the California vibe that it brings or those who wish to bring their horse along to school with them.

2017/2018 7-day tuition: $56,500
2017/2017 5-day tuition: $48,500