Military Schools

Military Schools for Elementary and Middle School Grades

Elementary military schools and military schools for middle school children offer a structured and disciplined educational program, usually in a faith based environment. From movies and television, one might think military schools are where parents “ship” their out-of-control child. This is not an accurate portrayal, as military schools are not behavior modification schools nor do they accept students who do not want to attend. Instead, military schools are best suited for those that need a strong element of routine and structure, a faith based environment, or those who seek ROTC activities. They may also be an option for those families that can not afford traditional boarding schools as military schools tend to be less expensive overall.

Randolph-Macon Academy
Randolph-Macon Academy is a school for students in grades six through twelve. The middle school is on a separate campus from the high school giving it the feel of a junior boarding school. The school provides a structured yet nurturing program for students in grades 6-8. Students receive personal attention due to small class sizes (8:1 student-teacher ratio). Our dedicated and experienced faculty and staff have the freedom to spark students' excitement through dynamic instruction. Our students discover their potential and develop a love of learning that is supported by their peers. Self-discipline is established as they are carefully guided by teachers, mentors, coaches, and dorm counselors who know them not just as students, but as individuals. The diverse selection of electives and advanced course offerings prepare each student to tackle the high school curriculum.
St. Catherine's Academy
Founded in 1889, St. Catherine’s Academy is a private, Catholic day and boarding school with a military tradition for boys in transitional kindergarten through 8th grade. We offer the structure and values of a military school along with outstanding academics and a spiritual foundation based on the Dominican Pillars of community, ministry, study, and prayer. Our exclusive combination of programs gives our students a foundation for lifelong success. We are located in Anaheim, Orange County, California.