Junior Boarding School Tuition (2016/2017)

Below are tuition amounts for all junior boarding schools for which we could find data. Data is obtained from public sources, generally the school’s website. If no tuition is listed, then we were unable to find tuition information for the school.

Tuition is for the 2016/2017 school year unless otherwise noted.

Some schools include all costs in their tuition, while others have additional fees in addition to tuition. Contact the admissions department of the school to find total costs for enrollment.

Traditional Schools

Arthur Morgan School Unknown
The Bement School 55,400
Cardigan Mountain School 53,785
Eaglebrook School 57,600
Fay School 63,510
The Fessenden School 62,300
Hampshire Country School 57,500
Hillside School 54,400
Indian Mountain School 56,970
North Country School 61,700
Ojai Valley School 54,600
Randolph-Macon Academy 31,810
The Rectory School 54,600
Rumsey Hall School 55,655
St. Catherine’s Academy 49,760
St. Thomas Choir School Unknown

Therapeutic and Special Needs Schools

We have grouped therapeutic and special needs schools separately from traditional schools as their tuition varies wildly based on services offered and length of school year (9 months or 12 months). Therapeutic schools generally have psychiatrists on staff and include the costs of therapy in addition to the regular school program. Special needs schools are often able to offer 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 services with specially trained staff.

Cherokee Creek Boys School 96,000
Cherry Gulch 124,800
Eagle Hill School 89,690 (2017)
Forest Heights Lodge 124,072
Little Keswick School 114,334
Oakland School Unknown
Valley View School 88,000

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