Is My Child Ready for Junior Boarding School?

While there are many advantages to attending a junior boarding school, or even a boarding school for elementary students, you must first consider if your child is ready for such a program. Here are some things to consider before considering boarding school for your child.

Have they been away from home before? Many young ones have never spent the night away from their parents before and may be prone homesickness. A residential summer camp is a good initial setting to get an idea if your child is ready to be away from home and family.

Will they eat the meals provided?

Can they maintain their own hygiene like brushing their hair and washing them self properly?

Does your child know how to change their clothes and not wear the same clothes all week?

Can they fix their own bed and get dressed without prompting? They will need to independently get ready quickly and clean their room each morning.

If the boarding school is in an area where ticks are a-plenty, can your child perform a tick check on his or her self?

Can they follow multiple step instructions and can they patiently wait for their turn during activities? Some activities require patience and can be dangerous if they don’t follow instructions or horseplay while waiting for their turn.

Can they recognize if they are getting overwhelmed or frustrated? Generally students will be able to go to their dorm room or other quiet location if needed, but they will need to recognize when it is needed.

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  1. My son is 7 years old he runs away he don’t be listening and he VERY destructive and feel like he don’t have to listen to anyone

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